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Wheat Flour

கோதுமை மாவு

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Natural Product. Eco Farming. No toxic chemicals. No harmful Pesticides. No Synthetic Fertilisers. Preservatives free.Vegetarian


About Organic Wheat flour

Wheat flour is the finely powdered form of ground wheat and has been used for human consumption for millennia. More wheat flour is produced than any other flour globally. India is home to many varieties of wheat and majority consume wheat flour regularly!It is primary staple food that offers many health benefits including Diabetes control and heart health!

"Organically grown food sources avoid the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides.
They bless you with all of Mother Nature`s pure nutrition and original taste!"

Benefits / Details of Wheat flour

  • Whole Wheat Atta/Flour is good for Skin and Hair 
  • Improves Digestion with fibre AND cleanses the system
  • Prevents Weight Gain
  • High in Nutrients 
  • Cited to aid  reduction of chronic inflammation
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Cited to reduce the risk of cancer
  • In women,referred to help regulation of PMS symptoms

More Inputs/Usage

  • Wheat Flour Dosa/Crepes
  • Wheat Idly
  • Wheat and  Rava mix Dosa/Crepes
  • Wheat flour dumplings
  • Wheat Flour Chapati/Bread
  • Wheat flour Koozhu/Porridge

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